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Our business is to identify failures that are the result of poor design,

incorrect use of materials and manufacturing defects or service condition.


engineering experts gordon aakerGordon A. Aaker, Jr., P.E., is a registered professional Mechanical/Metallurgical Engineer, and president of Engineering Services, L. P.

Engineering Services, L.P. was founded in 1989 by Mr. Aaker. During his lengthy career, he has been responsible for notable international engineering failure analysis challenges. Mr. Aaker is an authority in mechanical design, fabrication codes/standards, and service conditions. He has demonstrated experience to accurately identify failures that are the result of poor design and incorrect use of materials or both. Gordon uniquely combines his HANDS-ON Mechanical Engineering experiences with his academic strength as a degree certified Metallurgical Engineer.

With over 35 years of industrial experience, Mr. Aaker and his colleagues guarantee world class engineering / consulting success by leaving – NO STONE UNTURNED. Mr. Aaker has been successful in determining Root Cause Failure Analysis of notable industrial failures, including the recent Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Aaker has authored numerous papers all the while routinely providing his services as a speaker at industrial sponsored seminars, and he has taught engineering curriculum at the university level.

engineering expert litigation support can doCAN-DO

ENGINEERING SERVICES, L.P., has provided engineering services and litigation support to Fortune 100 companies as well as other businesses who needed world-class expertise, from assuring project success to analyzing industry failures. Our specialties include industrial failures in the chemical, refining, oil and gas (offshore and onshore), petrochemical, energy, equipment manufacturer, pulp and paper, transportation, legal profession, as well as the private sector.

experience expert witnessEXPERIENCE

ENGINEERING SERVICES, L.P., has extensive experience, including many notable incidents. The most recent of which was the BP Deepwater Horizon – Macondo Blowout (GOM 2010), working exclusively for the Chemical Safety Board, as requested by U.S. Congress, House Energy Committee. Other clients include the United States Department of Justice and many Fortune 100 Companies.

expert know howKNOW-HOW

ENGINEERING SERVICES, L.P., has proven experience to accurately identify failures that are the result of poor design, incorrect use of materials, manufacturing defects, and service conditions. From simple to complex, Root Cause Failure Analysis [RCFA] of accidents is our business primarily related to metallurgical, mechanical design, fabrication and implementation.

engineering experts litigation supportLITIGATION SUPPORT

Gordon Aaker, Jr., P. E., President of ENGINEERING SERVICES, L.P., has become a significant provider of litigation support through his extensive industrial experience and knowledge of codes, standards, and practices. He is a recognized authority in design and construction codes, inspection standards and fabrication methods.

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Our Areas of Expertise

  • Registered Professional Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Metallurgical Engineers
  • Quality Assurance / Control Engineers
  • NACE Corrosion Specialists
  • ASNT Certified Level III
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors
  • Structural Engineers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers