Anodes Specifications

  • Supply of Pipeline Sacrificil AnodesRequirements for Procurement of Pipeline Anodes
    Sacrificial Bracelet Anode Materials
    Standoff Anodes
    Standoff Anodes for Flowline Bundle Sleds

Buoyancy Specifications

  • Syntactic Foam Buoyancy Units
    Cathodic Protection Specifications-NOT AVAILABLE
    Cathodic Protection
    Cathodic Protection of Buried Pipelines
    Cathodic Protection of Storage Tank Bottoms
    Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System

Coating Specifications

  • 3-Layer Polypropylene Based Coating for Line Pipe
  • Corrosion Prevention Coating Neoprene 
  • 3-Coat Polypropylene External Coating for Offshore Pipelines 
  • Concrete Weight Coating
  • Corrosion Prevention Coating Coal Tar Enamel
  • External Protective Coating-NOT AVAILABLE
  • External Protective Coating 2-NOT AVAILABLE
  • Field Joint Coatings for Bundle Pipes
  • Field Joint Coatings for Casing Pipes
  • Field Joint Installation 
  • Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating
  • Fusion-Bonded Epoxy for External Pipeline Coating
  • Fusion-Bonded Epoxy for External Pipeline Coating 2
  • Internal Coating
  • Material and Application of Abrasive-Resistant Coating on Steel Line Pipe
  • Material and Application of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating on Line Pipe
  • Neoprene Coating on the Riser Casing
  • Pipe Coating Repairs Offshore
  • Pipe Corrosion Coating Neoprene
  • Pipeline Field Joint Materials
  • Protective Coating and Wrapping for Underground Carbon Steel Pipe – Shop or Field- Not Availlable
  • Tank Lining-NOT AVAILABLE
  • Tank Lining 2-NOT AVAILABLE
  • Three Layer Polypropylene Pipeline Coating

Fabrication Specifications

  • Fabrication of Pipeline End Manifold
  • Fabrication and Loadout of Offshore Structures

Flange, Fittings, Tees and Y Specifications

  • Pipe Fittings
  • Pipe Flanges

Insulation Specifications

  • Acoustical Insulation for Piping and Equipment
  • Closed Cell Phenolic Foam
  • Cold Equipment Insulation
  • Cold Insulation
  • Cold Insulation Material
  • Hot Duct Insulation-1 
  • Hot Duct Insulation-2 
  • Hot Duct Insulation-3
  • Hot Equipment Insulation – Cover Guide
  • Hot Equipment Insulation – Thickness Tables
  • Hot Equipment Insulation – Personnel Protection
  • Hot Insulation
  • Hot Insulation Material
  • Hot Piping and Equipment Insulation

Pipe Bends Specifications

  • Pipe Bends Flowline Bundle
  • Pipe Bends

Piping Specifications

  • DSAW Pipe
  • Handling, Transporting and Storing of Line Pipe and Related Equipment
  • Heating Pipe 
  • Pipeline Design Premise 
  • Seamless Line Pipe
  • Steel Line Pipe for Bundle Casing and Riser Casing